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The Composting Association of Vermont (CAV) supports and promotes organics* recycling that protects and benefits the environment. We advocate for the production and use of compost as a vital link between soil health and sustainable agriculture and communities. When organic materials are recycled into products of value everyone benefits.

CAV is a 501(c)(3) member led organization.—our efforts, activities and services rely in large part on the financial support of our dues-paying and contributing members.
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9th Annual
Vermont Organics Recycling Summit

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015
Vermont Technical College
Randolph Center, VT

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Steve Wright
Craftsbury Common, VT

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Why is Organics Recycling so important?
Organic materials include yard debris, wood materials, food and food processing by-products, manure and agricultural residues, land clearing debris, used paper, and mixed municipal organic waste. In the past, organic materials were dumped in landfills or burned. These disposal methods waste valuable resources and contribute to environmental problems. We are excited about the many possibilities in organics recycling, and hope you'll join us in promoting organics recycling as an important component of Vermont’s sustainable community development.

The Issue
Soils without enough organic matter do not supply an environment or "home" for the beneficial microbes that are essential for naturally healthy, productive soil. These low quality or "poor" soils quickly become dependent on multiple fertilizer applications and pesticides to maintain plant growth. Poor soils are also more likely to erode, and retain less moisture during drought.

The Solution
Adding compost to soils increases the amount of organic matter, and improves plant growth and health. The use of compost products also has a positive impact in our environment. When you use compost, you also improve soil fertility; conserve water; lessen landfill burden; reduce erosion and runoff; and decrease dependency on fertilizers and pesticides by increasing disease resistance in plants.


CAV provides leadership and expertise for the responsible
production and use of compost in Vermont through activities that:

1. Educate the public
2. Build cooperative relationships
3. Promote composting
4. Encourage the use of compost
5. Advance policy
6. Promote market expansion.

Composting Association of Vermont

Dedicated to the sustainable production and use of compost in Vermont.

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